Monday, July 15, 2013

Here is a commission I finished recently, had a lot of fun working on this! 
Looking at spacey retro photos was really inspiring as well as listening to science fiction audiobooks while I worked. :)

Below is a quick peek at the process that went into creating this. 
I love thumbnailing to try and get the best compositions that I can. For me so much of the painting is figured out at this stage, it's the foundation of everything else and if I don't spend enough time finding the best option at this point I often end up being unhappy with my end result. Luckily this project didn't have a deadline so I got to play around with shapes and compositions as much as I wanted!

Next I fine tune the sketch, figure out the values, block in colours and then start painting!


  1. Lovely job! The process pics are neat as well - I love seeing WIPs! :)

  2. love it!!!! the colours are just screaming warmth

  3. Can't tell you how much I admire your thought process, specially getting in tune with the topic, listening to audio books, researching, exploring thumbs!!! You are such a pro!!!! Beautiful piece!!!!

  4. Your work is awesome!! I randomly stumbled onto this blog today and I'm really glad that i did :)